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Are you a startup founder looking for the right co-founder? Come to our free virtual matching event

Did you know that 80% of all unicorns that were founded after 2005 had at least two co-founders? So, if you're building a startup to make a dent in the universe and be a unicorn, chances are you will need a co-founder.

Co-founders are also great to help share the emotional load of launching a startup because, let's face it, being a startup founder can be a lonely and difficult journey.

Enter Kabila!

We are currently in program at Techstars Austin and building a co-founder matching app

and a global community for tech startup founders. As part of our customer discovery work for the app, we are validating our ability to move founders along on their trust-journey of becoming co-founders.

If you're looking for a co-founder and want to meet other founders who meet criteria that are important to you, join us Friday October 14th 2 pm - 3pm EDT for a fun, free virtual co-founder matching event.

Learn more --> Click here

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