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Collaborating with Wiggin and Dana. Free biz legal services for women, LGBT+, and minority founders

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Be a better founder. Be a better human.

This is what we aspire to help you do when you join our Kabila community. In order to be a good founder, you have to be buttoned up legally, but we all know legal services can be expensive and out of reach for many early-stage, overlooked founders who don't have friends and family to help finance their businesses.

We are excited to partner with Wiggin and Dana's Intellectual Property partner, Mike Kasdan to offer free legal services for our community members! For the past few months, we offered the opportunity for five members in our community to get free legal services as part of the firm's Wiggin Opportunity Fund initiative, which last year provided $1 million in free legal services for women, LGBT+, and other overlooked founders who can't afford to pay for high-quality legal services; the firm has made a pledge to offer $10 million in free legal services to these founders.

You can read more about the firm's initiative here.

Thank you, Mike and Wiggin and Dana, for building capacity in the members of our community and supporting overlooked founders everywhere!

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