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Come Learn about the BK-XL accelerator for BIPOC founders with up to $500K investment!

At Kabila, we exist to create inclusive co-founder teams because, according to the Kauffman Foundation, founder teams with more than one gender, race, or ethnicity will give their investors a 30% greater return than the homogenous mostly male, mostly white founder teams we predominantly see today.

So naturally, we were excited to hear about the new accelerator program for BIPOC founders being launched in part with Visible Hands VC and the owners of the Brooklyn Nets.

Darrel Frater from Visible Hands has agreed to pull up a chair and tell us all about the program and how you can submit your best application and increase your odds of getting accepted into the accelerator.

Here are the event details. 👇🏾

Join us on Linked for the live conversation by RSVPing here -->

And join our founder community to get access to more exclusive events and resources to help you be a better founder and better human.

Tally ho!

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