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Do you want to meet with other founders weekly to talk about how your customer discovery is going?

As you know, building a product before doing customer discovery could lead to a waste of your time and money. And no one has time for that!

Like so many of you out there, At Kabila, we are doing customer discovery while in Techstars Austin to learn more about how founders feel about finding a co-founder. Let's get together every week for 30-minutes to support each other on our customer discovery journeys.

We can discuss what's working and what's not, share our customer discovery wins, and hold each other accountable.

Are you game? Cool!

All ya gotta do is be a founder of a tech startup and join our Kabila community, then RSVP for the event - details are below. 👇🏾

See you in the community!

Feature image credit:, Validation Board

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