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Join us July 2nd for ATL Tech Tuesdays founder happy hour featuring investor Haley Bryant, and Alim Charaniya, Ambitious Labs Founder

Updated: Jun 25

Learn about the $200K Visionaries Accelerator for diverse founders.


If you're in the A, please join us on July 2nd for our amazing monthly Kabila Tech Tuesdays founder happy hour. This month we are back at Tech Square ATL.

We are excited to pass the mic to two of our friends, Haley Bryant, an investor with Hustle Fund VC and an angel investor, and Alim Charaniya, founder of Ambitious Labs, which teaches non-technical founders how to build and monetize their apps using Flutter Flow no-code tools.

Investor Haley Bryant will give real-time feedback on founder elevator pitches

Three lucky people will be randomly selected to give their 60-second elevator pitches.

If you will be in attendance in person and want to pitch, please take a look at this required format below to effectively do that and put your best foot forward. Then hit the button at the bottom of the page.

This format helped me advance both times I applied to Shark Tank and it helped me get on CNBC's version of Shark Tank, so it works!

- Problem/solution statement

- Description of the product or service

- Revenue model (how do you make money)

- Market size

- Sales traction

- How much you're raising (if applicable)

- And what milestones you will accomplish with the capital

Learn more about Haley Bryant

Last month was amazing, this month will be even better!

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you Hypepotamus, Tech Square ATL, Antico Pizza, Plain Sight Events, and Ambitious Labs, which teaches non-technical founders how to build and monetize their apps.

Pro tip: If you're coming for the pizza, get there early. We will order 20 boxes, and I promise you, they will go fast because Antico pizza is 🤌🏽.

👉🏾 RSVP for the July happy hour here. 👈🏾

P.S., We are raising a fund to invest in founders in our community. Join our community here so we can get to know you.

P.P.S., If you need a co-founder, try our co-founder matching app.

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