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Learn how to use AI-powered software to automate and crush your PR outreach

Learn about the $200K Visionaries Accelerator for diverse founders.

Most early-stage founders I know want to get PR but can't afford to pay for a publicist and don't want to spend a lot of time trying to get it, which is smart.

As someone who got tons of PR for my first startup (which failed) at places like :

  • The TODAY SHOW (three times)

  • Good Morning America

  • DIY Network

  • Money Magazine, and more!

I did this all without the help of a publicist and I can tell you that while getting PR can be helpful to build credibility and trust with users, nine times out of ten it doesn't lead to the cash flow hit you think it will get.

So chasing PR is largely a distraction.

That said, sometimes it works beautifully!

Here's a clip from one of the three times my first startup's product was featured on the TODAY Show:


I'm excited to pass the mic to Jon Mest, CEO of, which does a great job of helping you identify reporters in your niche and their contact info., automate and send emails to them based on an ai-generated relevant hook, and schedule and send follow-up emails. This way you're not burning up a bunch of your time.

And it's super affordable compared to working with a publicist.

Jon will meet with us on Thursday, June 27th from 11:30 am - noon ET to show us around the product.

Jon will also share a discount code exclusively for Kabila community members to get you started getting those PR hits you want!

This is a private event

This event will be exclusively for members of our Kabila community and there will not be a public replay.

If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please join our free community and RSVP under the events tab.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday!

P..S., If you're looking for a co-founder, download our co-founder matching app here.

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