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Meet Reginald Maisonneuve, Founder of Stance, and learn his founder origin story and how he will change the world

Learn about the $200K Visionaries Accelerator for diverse founders.

This week for our Kabila Community Cuts, we will feature Reginald Maisonneuve, founder of Stance, which integrates predictive scoring & overall financial performance, surpasses credit score reliance, and recommends products for holistic financial well-being, not just credit!

We will ask Reginald to tell us: 

  1. His founder origin story

  2. What dent he is making in the universe with his startup

  3. What he can give to our community

  4. What he needs from our community

This is a private, live event for our community members only. See you Wednesday.

👉🏾Join our community and RSVP here. 👈🏾


Last week, we featured Delroy Walters, co-founder of inSIDEkonnect, which improves supplier diversity programs.

Here's the replay of that convo.

P.S., We are raising a $5 million fund to invest in founders in our community. Join our community here so we can get to know you.

P.P.S., If you need a co-founder, try our co-founder matching app.

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