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Meet Sneha Saigal, Founder of Geeks and Experts, helping startups and scale-ups looking to hire PR specialists

Learn about the $200K Visionaries Accelerator for diverse founders.

This week for our Kabila Community Cuts, we featured Sneha Saigal, founder of Geeks and Experts, a fractional talent platform for startups and scale-ups looking to hire PR specialists to achieve their business goals.

Sneha also participated in the Techstars Founder Catalyst Program backed by JP Morgan in June of 2023

Visit Geeks and Experts if you need PR help for your startup.

Learn what inspired Sneha to launch her startup and what dent she will make in the universe 👇🏾

Would you like to know how to get featured on top podcasts? Sneha generously shares 3 tips 👇🏾

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Get a free PR strategy session with Sneha

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Le'ts grow.

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