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MomPreneurship, Let's Normalize It Via a Convo With Founder & VC Janine Sickmeyer

We all know moms do it all, but MomPreneurs? Whew! That's some next-level crazy right there.

We want to do our part to normalize MomPreneurship and make people aware of just how badass MomPreneurs really are.

How are we gonna do that you ask?

Simple. By passing the mic to one of the most badass MomPreneurs in the game, Janine Sickmeyer. Janine is a co-founder of a new VC firm investing in overlooked founders at Overlooked Ventures, founder of Cobble, and mom of four youngins - including a set of twins.


I mean, seriously, Janine, you have to tell us how you are doing all of this.

Wanna hear from Janine and help us normalize MomPreneurship?


All ya gotta do is be a founder of a tech startup and join our Kabila community, which is currently free, then RSVP for the event - details are below.

Let's goooooooooo!

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