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We are raising a $5 million fund to invest in founders in our ecosystem

Updated: Jan 23

Learn about the $200K Visionaries Accelerator for diverse founders.

We are excited to announce that we are raising a $5 million fund to invest in US-based teams with at least one overlooked founder and a high tolerance for the hellacious brutality of entrepreneurship.


Because founding teams with more than one gender, ethnicity, or race give investors a 30% greater return.

And because we want to invest in the most resilient founders who will find a way to win, even when things inevitably get hard.

How do I get an investment?

To receive an investment from us, you must be a user of our co-founder matching app or an active member of our community with a give-first mindset.

How do you invest?

We will invest in your startup alongside top-tier VC firms, accelerators, and strategic investors with whom we are values and mission-aligned.

How do I get notified when I can apply for funding?

Founders using our co-founder matching app and in our community will be the first to know when they can apply for funding.

Let's grow, y'all!

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