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Learn how Hatchet Ventures' amazing team of advisors helps overlooked founders thrive

Learn about the $200K Visionaries Accelerator for diverse founders.

Let's be honest, it's lonely as an early-stage founder. You don't have many people you can rely on to help you solve the most pressing problems with your business. It can be a little easier if you have one or two advisors on your cap table who lean in and help you when and where they can.

But what if you had a whole team of specialists who have been successful in fundraising, product management, go-to-market strategy, and more, at your disposal?

That's what Hatchet Ventures is for overlooked founders.

Kabila is a Hatchet Ventures portfolio company and we couldn't be happier to be so!

Come meet the CEO, Dalton Van Hatchet, and learn how Hatchet Ventures works and how you can get in their pipeline.

P..S., If you're looking for a co-founder, download our co-founder matching app MVP here.

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