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Meet TechCrunch+ EIC Alex Wilhelm at our Feb ATL Tech Tuesdays Founder Happy Hour

Updated: Feb 2

Learn about the $200K Visionaries Accelerator for diverse founders.

Attention, Atlanta tech founders!

Join us for the next Tech Tuesdays founder happy hour and virtually meet TechCrunch+ Editor-In-Chief, Alex Wilhelm.

Alex wrote a TechCrunch article at the end of 2023 about why he thinks 2024 will be a 🔥 year for startup founders.

We are pumped to dive into his thoughts and learn if his take has changed now that 2024 is underway.

Plus there will be 💣 pizza, free drinks 🥂, and dope founders in the room 💥.

The last happy hour in December with Techstars co-founder David Cohen was amazing. Here's a clip where David talks about how you talk to investors who ask you what your competitive moat is.

February will be even better!

RSVP for the February happy hour here.

Let's grow, y'all!

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