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StarTech Decelerator Managing Director Tyrone is back...and he's pissed

StarTech Managing Director Tyrone is back...and he's pissed

Tyrone is back.

And he's pissed.

You're probably like, "Wait! What? Who the hell is Tyrone?!"

The short answer is that Tyrone is our co-founder James's drunk alter ego.

The long answer is that Tyrone is a character James created, the managing director of the StarTech, not Techstars, decelerator program. Tyrone's job is to help decelerate startups as opposed to the traditional accelerator programs you see out there.

Tyrone was created during the last week of the Techstars Austin program while Kabila was in the fall '22 class.

Tyrone sarcastically riffs on the shenanigans we see every day as startup founders and his favorite topic seems to be VCs. Tyrone's main goal is to get founders to laugh...because it's hard out here in these founder streets and we could all use a good laugh sometimes.

Here's Tyrone's latest riff about TechCrunch editor-in-chief, Alex Wilhelm, The Fed, and Kabila raising a $5 million fund to invest in overlooked founders.

You can find all of Tyrone's riffs on our TikTok page or here on the site.

You're welcome! 🤣

Btw, hit us up on TikTok if you want Tyrone to give you some advice to help you decelerate your startup.

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